Portrait Lighting

Hey everybody, just checking in this early Tuesday morning and showing off the results of some lighting setups I tried out with the help of my darling wife. Specifically, some speedlight setups that have turned out very versatile and produce great results.

So the setup for the first two images is not overly complicated at all. It used just a pair of manual flashes, a 48" softbox umbrella, a 52" reflector, and a piece of foamcore. But tying it all together, it turned out better than I could have hoped. Firing the flash through the reflector behind my model with a slight blue get made for some great falloff that looked very nice. The mainlight and reflector are a pretty standard fashion lighting setup. But that rear flash really gives the image some pop with a nice blue vigenette that popped with the brunette hair and brown eyes of my wife.


The bottom two pictures are the results of my DIY ringlight. I first learned about it on DIYPhotography.com (the link is right.....here). It cost less than $10 bucks to make since I already had tape and foamcore on hand. And I have been super pleased with the results. I do have diffusion issues with my lights, which leaves it stronger in the corners, but I personally like the resulting catchlights that causes. And the slight falloff in the corners doesn't seem to affect the quality of the lighting on the face.

These are some very flattering lighting setups that would make for great portrait shots on almost all skin types. Let me know what you think about the images. Feedback is always enjoyed. And you can find additional images with this lighting setup on my facebook page, Timothy Going Photography.

Thanks a lot!