Senior Portraits

August has rolled around, and that means two things to us here in Southern Oklahoma, 107 degree weather and the start of school.

With all the seniors starting back to their final year of torture, I started going back through my old links on senior portraits and found this very insightful article via

Seniors Ignite is a great resource for advice on senior photography, and this article is no different. Its primarily focused on senior rep programs, but it makes a very interesting point:

"In a market where everything your senior wants is available to them – where nothing really is left to be invented or created – what you have to offer must stand out in order to get noticed.

Meaning, you have to be able to answer the question ‘What makes me different?’

Because if you can’t answer that in 30 seconds or less (the ‘elevator pitch’ in marketing terms) then there stands a pretty good chance that no one in your target market can answer it either.

So how do you get models who will bring more of the right clients in your door?

You have to create both an experience and a relationship.  And both have to be genuine."

That's excellent advice for any business, but especially in photography where everyone and their grandmother, their uncle, and their stepbrothers second wife has a camera and "does photography."

So for you seniors out there, this is the question that you need to ask your photographer. Because if you aren't having a great experience then your not getting your money's worth. This is a once in a lifetime shoot! It should be fun! It should be memorable! And you should get some shots out of it that don't look like they were churned out in a student portrait factory.

Anyways, my speech is over. Thanks for tuning it! (And if your interested in learning more about being a senior rep for TGP, message me through email or facebook at Timothy Going Photography.