McCurtain County Wedding Guide Nominee--Makeup by Channing

This past weekend I finally got to sit down with my first nominee for the McCurtain County Wedding Guide. Channing Carlisle, of Makeup by Channing was the #1 voted Makeup Artist by far, due in large part to her very faithful client base. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that the people she has worked with love her, and consider her the best person in the county for makeup...

After watching her work, its hard to argue with them. She is very talented, and her makeup photographs very well. Thankfully, I was able to catch her for an evening away from her makeup (and special effects!) work, to answer some questions and show off her skills.

TGP: So how long have you been doing makeup, and how did you get started?

CC: I've been doing makeup since my junior year in high school, so about 5 years. But it's been really crazy the last three. The last two years I have been doing weddings and proms very heavily. As to how I got started, I was really crazy with my makeup in high school. Nothing was off limits, lipstick, glitter, rainbow eye shadow.  While I was in high school I took cosmetology, and my instructor, Donna Musgrave, told me to focus on makeup because that is what I was best at.

TGP: What is your favorite thing about makeup?

CC: I love getting to work with different girls and trying out different looks to match their facial features. I love when they are happy with their makeup and tell me they feel prettier! I especially love helping people who don't wear makeup very often, or don't know how to apply it.

TGP: What sets you apart from other makeup artists?

CC: I would say that the biggest difference is that I feel like I have a heart for makeup. A lot of people are in it for the money, or just making a living the easiest way that they can. And as a client, I think you can tell when the artist is only in it for a money. With me, you can really tell that I am trying to look at everything from every angle, because I want to make you feel beautiful. And I really think that it shows in my work.

Channing Prep Shots (6 of 21).jpg

TGP: What type of clients do you work best with?

CC: I do work for a lot of different events. I do a lot of prom sessions, and makeup for family pictures. I do a lot of work for mothers wanting to feel pretty for special events. And, I am versatile so no matter the clients style I feel comfortable working with them.

TGP: Speaking of styles, what makeup styles can you do?

CC: I feel comfortable doing all styles. Whether its bold contouring, or light and natural, I am confident I can do a job that you will love.

TGP: What would you say to the brides who are unsure if they need a professional makeup artist?

CC: You should definitely get a professional! The practice that we have, our knowledge and experience about what will work with your face and what will photograph well, really pays off on your wedding day. You are going to be getting a LOT of pictures! And it is a lot safer to have a professional do it so you don't have to worry about the way your makeup photographs.

TGP: How far will you travel for makeup sessions?

CC: I don't really have a limit. There is a travel fee when I have to do location work outside of Broken Bow, but there really isn't a limit.

TGP: Do you offer consultation's or trial run sessions?

CC: Absolutely! I offer a trial run with my wedding packages so you can get an idea of what it will look like on your wedding day. And for those wanting to get better at doing their own makeup I have an option for lessons.

TGP: For weddings do you offer touch-up services?

CC: Yes, although you would be surprised how little touch-up you will need. But if you want me to stay just to be safe, or to change the look during the event, then I can do that.

TGP: So as an insider question, what kinds of makeup do you use?

CC: Oh that's a hard question. I use a lot of different brands and types just depending on the person I am working with. I use a lot of MAC, and Makeupgeek eye shadows. I also use a lot of Becca, NARS, and NYX. I do prefer that clients use their own foundation and mascara for sanitary reasons though.

TGP: Do you apply false lashes?

CC: Yes! I can do strip lashes and the individual fill-ins, just depending on what the client needs.

TGP: What about cover-ups for tattoos, tan lines, birthmarks, etc.?

CC: Yes. It's pretty easy to do.

TGP: What happens if a client has to cancel?

CC: Right now, I usually just set the appointment through my Facebook page or through my website. There is no retainer fee.

TGP: Do you offer packages for bridal parties?

CC: Yes. There is no maximum on the number I do, although I prefer to keep it below five for time sakes.

TGP: How far in advance should a client book?

CC: I would suggest at least two weeks. Although, around March which is my peak season for proms and weddings, it is better to book as early as you can.

TGP: What should a client do to prepare for their makeup session?

CC: Moisturize and have it freshly washed and I'll take care of the rest.

TGP: If you could offer the readers two makeup tips for their personal use, what would they be?

CC: Wow, that is a tough one. For the first tip I would say always prep your skin. Have a fresh clean face before you get started and moisturize! Your skin will look so much better under your makeup.

Channing Prep Shots (16 of 21).jpg

For the second tip, I would say to choose dramatic eyes or lips, but not both. It's easy to think that they will match and help give you that bold look, but really they fight with each other and people won't know where to look. You want to draw focus to one or the other so that they pop and stand out.

TGP: Okay, I'm sold. How can I contact you to book a session?

CC: The easiest way to contact me is through my Facebook page, Makeup by Channing Judith. You can also contract me through my website, And if you still can't get ahold of me, just shoot me an email at

Thank you so much to everyone that voted. This is just the first of our series of articles highlighting some of the talented people in Beaver's Bend area to use on your wedding day. Thank you to Channing and to our lovely models for offering their evening to get this together. Stay tuned for more articles!